Jessica Verity in episode had the guardians vision and killed Ella for the Queen to be born, but the Queen in Ellas body bit and fed of Jessica killing her in episode 1, series 1. at the end of series 2 The King vampire resurected Ella but in doing so alsp resurected Jessica of screen. In the first episode of series 3 David and Ryan find Jessica in Naomis old house and they think she is a vampire but proves to them that she isnt and has been living in the house for the past six months, in episode 3 Jessica is caused to get mad and punches a wall her fist goes through it, Eric sees this and realises she is a slayer now to. After the end of series 4 Jessica moves away to a city and joins some people who rid the city of vampires and demons. In episode 1 series 1 of her own series Ryan comes to the city to help as he dosent feel usefull with the Eric, David and Sam.

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